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Virtual Security especially designed for construction sites of any size




Virtual security offers highly flexible solutions for all requirements.  It will provide full coverage of the entire site day and night at a fraction of the cost of a security guard.



Being a leading Canberra security solutions provider, ASR Security Services also specialize in virtual security solutions. Ideally suited for outdoor areas like construction sites installing smart, weatherproof CCTV and motion sensors around your site, our virtual security solutions take away the need for physical security personnel by alerting a control center operative whenever movement is detected anywhere inside the perimeter you want secured. Automatically recording video and still images when motion is detected, our operatives then check to see if there is an actual trespass under way and if so dispatch patrol and police personnel accordingly.



How it works:


  • we will inspect the site and provide you with the best solution based on the site layout

  • we will then install a group of CCTV waterproof cameras connected to the internet (even if there is no power or phone line on site)  capable of recording any movement detected, day and night

  • when movement is detected the system will notify us with an alarm along with video footage and snapshots

  • we will only dispatch a patrol car or police to attend on site and perform a full check, once the operator analizes the video and decides that it is a real threat

  • some of our plans also include a number of alarm responses in the cost, to give peace of mind and to keep the budget under control.



This will ensure a complete and constant coverage of the area without having a person on site, cutting down costs and increasing efficency, and in the unfortunate case of a break in providing CCTV video footage to help police investgate.












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