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BTicino Aiphone and Elvox Intercom Systems


Upgrade your home security with the Bticino Aiphone and Elvox hands-free intercoms. These stylish and functional intercoms provide a new level of security, comfort, and convenience with their hands-free functionality. Utilizing the latest technology, these intercoms deliver clear image and voice quality. Integrate them with your alarm, CCTV, and smoke detector systems for complete protection of your property.

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           Elvox - Vimar


For the needs of simple video entryphone systems, new one-family and two-family kits are now available with 7” hands-free monitor, in the versions with capacitive keypad or touchscreen display. For connections between entrance panel and monitor, only 2 wires are required up to a maximum distance of 100 m between the panel and the last monitor. The pre-packaged kits allow the addition of 2 extra monitors per call button and another panel.

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The Bticino 315512 Intercom kit a ready made solution for single family homes, included is a robust yet discrete entrance panel that is weatherproof (IP54) with a rain shield included. This entrance panel features a hidden wide angle camera with hidden Led for night Vision. In the kit you also receive a 7" Video colour hands-free internal unit. Although you only receive one of the internal units you can expand this system up to 4 additional internal units.

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The JO Series conveniently identifies visitors at locked doors while in your home or outside by using the new JO App*. Inside stations feature easy to use touch buttons and a large, 7 inch video screen. The JO Series can accommodate one door and up to two inside stations. Ready to install box sets include one door station, one inside station, and power supply.

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        Large Residential

Different kinds of installation and various solutions but all with one specific goal: to ensure stylistic continuity by blending in with its architectural context, whether this is an old building or a modern residential complex.

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