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Alarm Monitoring Service

From $ 6/week excl. GST


ASR Security Services provides installation, service and monitoring of security alarm systems, utilising Grade A1 control room along with rapid patrol response to protect your premisess 24 hours a day.
From the smallest domestic systems through to complex commercial premises and construction sites.  
Service technicians are available 24 hours a day to program you alarm system free of charge when you switch to our monitoring service.
ASR Security Services - Alarm Monitoring
ASR Security Services - Alarm Monitoring
ASR Security Services - Alarm Monitoring
ASR Security Services - Alarm Monitoring
Grade A1 Control Room


ASR Security Services uses one of Australia’s leading providers of alarm monitoring and response services for businesses of all sizes. Our total service solution of sophisticated alarm monitoring services, highly skilled operators and customised security response services make us a reliable  security system specialist.


Our team monitors and responds to alarm signals 24/7 from two ASIAL certified Grade A1 monitoring centres.
This means you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are always in good hands
NBN Ready

The Permaconn solution provides a constant secure

link between the supervised premises and the central station.

The Pm45-4g

is a versatile alarm communicator that

reports on GPRS, 4G and IP to the centralstation.

This communicator can interface with a range of alarm panels using contact

iD. Primary alarm path is iP, followed by


in the event of a wired ethernet failure.

if no iP connection exists

the communicator will report on GPRS

or 4G only.


More info HERE

Free Alarm Programming

ASR Security Services will re-program your existing alarm system to be monitored by our control room free of charge, we will run all reporting tests and check all alarm functionalities directly with the operator to ensure that your system is working fine.



You can rely on us


With the right mix of products and support, we have built a solid reputation for always being there.

By working closely with you we can create customised solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology.

We specialise in customised monitoring solutions and services that meet your needs and add value to your business.

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