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Hills CCTV Systems


The Hills Video Security (HVS) CCTV range of professional grade network video recorders (NVRs) and IP cameras lead the way in innovation with a feature rich and plug-and-play solution.


The HVS NVRs come with Hills Auto-Config, a P2P application for remote access where no configuration is required.

Connecting to the Hills IP cameras is also easy, involving only simple plug and-play steps.


The range features an extensive suite of management tools and remarkable full HD video quality.

Users can experience exceptional 1080p HD video footage through high quality 3 megapixel cameras. All NVRs come with a 3TB hard drive preinstalled, so installation is made much more convenient straight out of the box.


The HVS CCTV range offers cost effective and scalable systems to suit many high end residential and commercial installations.

Asr security Services
ASR Security Services CCTV
Asr security Services
Hills CCTV Systems


Hills Network

Video Recorders

Offering plug-and-play functionality

together with Hills Auto-Config, installing

and configuring your Hills NVR is made

easy with a simple one-click process.


l HDMI & VGA @ 1080P

l 3TB HDD storage pre-installed

l Built-in 4/8/16 port PoE switch


l Hills Auto-Config

l Hills Firmware Server upgrade

l Plug-and-play with Hills IP cameras

Hills IP Cameras

Featuring a high definition video footage

via its 3 megapixel sensor, the Hills range

of IP cameras offers simple and easy

installation with its PoE port and plugand-

play functionality with any Hills NVR.


l 3 megapixel

l Up to 2048x1536 resolution

l Full HD 1080P real-time video

l Infra-red (IR)


l PoE connection

l Plug-and-play with Hills NVR

Hills Video Security
intelligent cloud
CCTV solution



The Hills VSD1 Intelligent Cloud CCTV allows you to view live camera vision on devices like smartphones, tablets or desktop computers while you are on the go – anytime and anywhere. An email alert is sent whenever motion is detected and video footage can be viewed. It’s simple to install and set up, and subscription plans are available to provide motion detection recording and playback, eliminating the need for a DVR.

IP Digital High-End Professional Systems


Limitless performance customization and quality High-End Systems for big projects.


Due to the variety and complexity of this kind of systems we need to discuss products and prices according to your specific needs.




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