What difference would it make to your business if you had an NVR you can set up in just five clicks without needing a network technician? And what about if you could access IP cameras with exceptional image quality at a third of the cost of other brands? 

That’s what you get with Hikvision’s newest IP CCTV cameras and recorders.Hikvision leads the market in R&D, image quality and price, which makes it no surprise they hold the largest share of the CCTV and video surveillance equipment market globally.

Every year Hikvision spends an industry-leading $100m on research and development, and it really shows in the quality of this range. For example, their camera’s wide dynamic range performance and image quality is better than cameras three times the price. People who in the past thought they could only afford analogue now find they can get a high performance Hikvision IP camera for a similar price.

Hikvision's new recorders can be configured in just 5 steps – you don’t need a network technician to do it – you can do it yourself! This makes the set-up fast and easy, and the job more profitable for you.The best thing is to see it for yourself. We can do a quick onsite demo for you – I’m sure you’ll be blown away by what this new IP CCTV camera and recorder offer, and what it means for the ease and profitability of your business.

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