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ASR Security Services

Asr Security Services "Who We Are"

From the beginning ASR Security have strived to acquire the most out of every possible scenario we have ever had so far, and we have learned from these scenarios. Whether we are working on installing a new alarm system or detaching security guards to a new location, we are always thinking about the safety of our clients, and not about the best possible outcome for our company. At ASR Security we believe that if we are going to do something, we better do it properly, and for us, that something is to guarantee safety and a higher quality of life throughout Canberra.


ASR Security is a company operating specifically in Canberra. Our company works in the field of security services and always aims for the top on our standards. With the arrival of ASR Security Services in Canberra the security industry has a new reliable parthner to rely on.


ASR employs security guards, security specialists and security analysts that help us improve with each passing day, granting the best possible service for all of our clients. Ranging from alarm monitoring to mobile patrols, we do not rest nor do we slack when it comes to the security and well-being of our clients.


At ASR we value the best possible personnel, and hire only professional employees to help us grow as a whole. Every one of our security guards and monitors is trained with top quality programs in order to guarantee no stone is left unturned when it comes to the service itself.


We value our customers and recognize how essential each one of them is to us. Our customers are guaranteed complete satisfaction and a clean, professional relationship with our company. We train to acquire the best possible responsiveness over the whole of our resources in order to provide the best for our customers.


ASR Security Services strives for quality and does not back down from any type of challenge. With cutting edge technology and our innovative method allows us to stay ahead of the competition. Alarms, CCTV and intercom systems are deployed with strategic knowledge in order to make the best out of the equipment. We feel strongly about our resources, our professionals and our service. With all of these combined, we grow on a daily basis and achieve incredible customer satisfaction.


Our philosophy is that security services do not have to be a simple professional service. They need to be detailed and personal in order to make the best out of every possible scenario. We work with an honor system based on integrity, and we will never let ourselves be corrupted by any other type of values. Due to our integrity, our services are reliable and we strive for the best within every partnership we are lucky to acquire.

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